Writing and Publishing

Getting Words that Matter Into the World

“Stories live in the telling and in the retelling…” — Will Buckingham


Wind&Bones runs an occasional publishing project, publishing books that speak to our need for individual and social transformation.

In 2021, we are launching our Inspirations series online, exploring how activists are using writing to change the world.

Hannah and Will write and publish globally, on a wide variety of social issues, from domestic violence to xenophobia.

About our Writing Projects

As Wind&Bones, we publish books and articles that we believe make a positive change. Our most recent book publication is Will Buckingham’s Finding Our Sea-Legs: Ethics, Experience and the Ocean of Stories (2019).

We work with writers to develop their skills, and are also active writers ourselves. We’ve worked with publishers including Granta (UK), Archer Magazine (Australia), Litro (UK), the BBC (UK), Aeon (UK) and Knopf (USA).

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