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Between us, we have three decades of experience working on projects that explore writing, creativity and social change.

At Wind&Bones, we love working with individuals and organisations to explore how writing can be used to transform the world for the better.

We work with individual writers to develop their skills. For organisations, we run storytelling workshops and training and offer educational consultancy. And we are active as writers and publishers internationally.

Who We Work With


We offer writing courses and mentoring for individuals. Whether you are just starting out in your writing career, or whether you have years of experience under your belt, we have something for you.

We provide one-on-one mentoring, coaching and support, as well as a range of self-study courses. Find out more on our courses site.


We work with large and small organisations, to explore how writing can storytelling can be used to realise your goals and bring about positive, lasting change.

Our work takes us across the world, from Bulgaria to Taiwan, and from Myanmar to the UK. So wherever you are, if you are wanting to use writing to make a positive difference, we want to work with you.

Social Responsibility

In the Interests of the Community

We are a Community Interest Company registered in the UK. This means all of our profits are put back into running projects that work towards the social good.

At Wind&Bones, we know that writing is individually and socially transformative. Over the years we have worked on writing projects, we have seen how writing has the power to change lives for the better. And in this way, it can contribute to changing the world, piece by piece.

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