After nine months of projects in Indonesia and Myanmar, we’re back in Europe. Last month we relocated from Yangon to Thessaloniki, Greece. 

We’re very excited to be here. We’re based in Kalamaria, a suburb of Thessaloniki. It’s the perfect place to write. As we settle in, our priority is to take some time to further develop our book projects. Will is currently working on his book Hello Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World (Granta 2020), and Hannah is working on a novella exploring themes of domestic violence. We are also collaborating on a series of children’s books, so there’s plenty to be getting on with.

But we’re also hard at work making connections here in Greece, and catching up with friends and colleagues over the border in Bulgaria. So we are expecting some new Wind&Bones projects in the works very soon.

The first few weeks have been both productive and inspiring. We have already made connections a lot of people who are involved in creative projects that help to make the world a better place: from literature to philosophy, and from film-making to sport. We are looking forward to seeing how with Wind&Bones we can contribute our own brand of creativity, writing and social justice work to this rich mix.

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