We are all made of stories. Stories about ourselves, our homes, our friends, our families, our dreams, our obsessions, our hopes, and our lives.

This month, alongside the brilliant Refugee Trauma Initiative, we delivered a creative writing workshop at Volvi refugee camp just outside of Thessaloniki in Greece. During the writing workshop, we encouraged participants to explore the many stories that make each of us who we are.

In the workshop, we began with face-to-face storytelling and sharing. We heard about people’s perilous journeys, about their favourite places and about the things they missed from home.

Later we worked on transforming the tales we shared into the written word.

We were hugely moved by the stories, the participants, and those working hard under difficult circumstances to improve people’s lives. And we came away understanding more about the journeys undertaken by refugees, the courage and creativity of those who seek new lives far from home, and the delights of the home-cooked Persian herb stew, ghormeh sabzi.

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