Storytelling Workshops

Changing the World, One Story at a Time

We organize our experience and our memory of human happenings mainly in the form of narrative.
— Jerome Bruner


Storytelling workshop with survivors of domestic violence in collaboration with Emprove Bulgaria (forthcoming 2021)

Writers’ and Activists Café with Greenpeace Bulgaria (2020)

Storytelling and writing residency at the Parami Institute, Yangon (2018-19)

Storytelling workshops with refugee writers in the UK, and at Volvi refugee camp, Greece (2018-2019).

About our Workshops

Stories change the world! We have run storytelling and writing workshops globally, exploring the transformative power of storytelling.

We have worked with small grassroots organisations and multi-national NGOs, helping participants power-up their storytelling skills through our highly interactive workshops.

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