Over the past two weeks, we’ve been shaking things up at our new Writers’ and Activists’ café. The café is our latest venture here in Sofia, a regular event that we are running in conjunction with our friends at Greenpeace, Bulgaria.

The café is a free / contribution-only event in Greenpeace’s Magnet community space in the heart of downtown Sofia. It’s a relaxed, friendly gathering for tea-drinking, snack-eating, connection-building, change-making activists and writers from Bulgaria and beyond.

Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks in full-swing.

We’re just gaining momentum here, and excited by where the café might take us. Last week we had a boisterous crowd of twenty writers wanting to tell stories reporting on and supporting positive change.

Come and join us at the café if you are in Sofia. We meet most Tuesdays, so for forthcoming dates and themes, see the information on this website.

If you’ve got any ideas for the café, we’d be really excited to talk more. We want this to be a creative, collaborative and open-ended project. We’re excited to see where, together, we can take it. Come and join us! We’d love to see you there.

Photos: Wind&Bones and Dennis Todorov (thanks, Dennis!)

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