Greenpeace Writers' & Activists' Cafe

Writing for social change in partnership with Greenpeace, Bulgaria

Greenpeace Writers' & Activists' Cafe


  • Project date: 2020
  • Project location: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Project partners: Greenpeace, Bulgaria.


In 2020, we set up a Writers’ and Activists’ café with Greenpeace, Bulgaria. The idea of the café was that we would gather every week in Greenpeace’s wonderful community space in the heart of Sofia, and we would explore how writing can be used to bring about positive social change.

The café was free to access, run on a donation-only basis. Each week, we provided a short presentation and some prompts and reflections to get people writing, and then we set everyone loose to write in whatever language they chose.

The café ran from January to March 2020, after which Covid-19 lockdown made gathering in person impossible. However, in the months afterwards, we also ran an online workshop for Greenpeace activists and communications staff across Southeast Europe.