Wansha Philosophy Salon

A Chinese-Language Public Philosophy Salon in Tainan

Wansha Philosophy Salon


  • Project date: 2024
  • Project location: Tainan, Taiwan
  • Project partners: Wansha Performing Arts Centre / 涴莎藝術展演中心


From January 2024 to November 2024, we’re running a public philosophy salon at the Wansha Performing Arts Centre in Tainan. The salon meets on the third Saturday of every month, to ask how philosophy can throw light on the puzzles and paradoxes of everyday life.

The salon is run entirely in Mandarin (which is a fun challenge for us), and is free for the public to attend. Each month, we explore a new topic — music, happiness, friendship, human nature, art, the philosophy of walking — in an atmosphere of mutual inquiry.

Wansha Performing Arts Centre