Exploring Enduring Questions with the Premise Institute

Creatively exploring life's enduring questions, UK/USA

Exploring Enduring Questions with the Premise Institute


  • Project date: 2023
  • Project location: UK / USA
  • Project partners: Premise Institute


In the spring of 2023, we’re partnering with the Premise Institute, based over in the promised land of literature that is Portland, Oregon. Premise is a community “where the curious come to connect, learn, and grapple with life’s enduring questions.” Premise is neither a book club nor a college-style course. Instead, it is a chance to explore wide-ranging questions about human life, based on the shared experience of reading.

We’re starting off our collaboration with a session on Hello, Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World, by Wind&Bones’s very own Will Buckingham.

Will is on the Premise advisory board, and we’re excited to be working together.

Join us:

The session is on 4th Feburary 2023. Click below to join us! Use the code WIND&BONES to get a 15% discount.

Hello, Stranger

The Premise Institute