Ethical Leadership with Mote Oo

Developing curricula on ethical leadership, Myanmar

Ethical Leadership with Mote Oo


  • Project date: 2018-2023
  • Project location: Myanmar
  • Project partners: Mote Oo Education, Myanmar; Payap University, Thailand


In 2018, we were commissioned by Mote Oo to write a coursebook on ethical leadership that was sensitive to the needs of community groups, civil society organisations and NGOs in Myanmar.

We looked around at the material available on ethical leadership, and found it wanting. There were several problems with pre-existing courses:

  • They were overly business-focussed, written primarily for the corporate world. We wanted something that could speak to the needs of grassroots community organisations.
  • Their cultural centre of gravity was America and, to a lesser extent, Europe. We needed something that met the needs of Myanmar organisations.
  • Many of the available materials put leadership first, with ethics taking second place. We wanted a course that put ethics at the very heart of things.

Project Outcomes

We wrote the bulk of the course between 2018 and 2019. In 2020, the materials were successfully field-tested with a range of community groups in Myanmar.

Publication was planned initially for 2021. The deadline has been pushed back due to the upheaval of the 2021 coup. But publication is now planned in both English and Burmese for 2023.

Mote Oo Education