Chance Encounters

Public workshop at the Wigtown Book Festival, Scotland

Chance Encounters


  • Project date: Summer 2022
  • Project location: Wigtown, Scotland
  • Project partners: Wigtown Book Festival


In 2023, we were invited to the Wigtown book festival to run a public drop-in writing workshops called Chance Encounters. We invited members of the public to share stories about their own chance encounters, each story determined by a roll of the dice.

Then put their stories in unmarked envelopes.

When more passers-by came to share their stories, we gave them a story from one of the sealed envelopes to take away. In this way, we contributed to a chance, serendipitous exchange of stories between strangers.

The project was inspired by Will’s book Hello, Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World (Granta 2021/2).