Wind&Bones in Taiwan

This August, we’ll be packing our bags, and heading over to Taiwan. We were last in Taiwan four years ago, on a short visit from Myanmar, and we found ourselves smitten. In particular, while in Tainan (our favourite Taiwanese city), we visited the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, and we were enormously impressed by the nuanced and thoughtful take on the ways in which literature can act as a driver of positive social change.

Back then, we thought it might be fun to run some projects in Taiwan. And we aimed to get back much sooner to cook up some fun and interesting things — but Covid and life intervened. So it was only this year that the time felt right to put in applications for work visas, or Taiwan Gold Cards. Our applications were accepted, so this will allow us to run Wind&Bones projects on a freelance basis in Taiwan.

We’ll base ourselves in Tainan (better weather than Taipei, lower cost of living, and a city that we really like). And after we’ve sorted out a place to live, we’ll start catching up with old friends, making new friends, and cooking up some fun new projects. This will give another opportunity to develop our long-standing interest in working on projects that cross between cultures and languages (see here, for example). While in Taiwan, we’ll both also be writing and researching some new projects. And Will is going to making the most of the chance to put to use his skills in Chinese, and to develop his still rudimentary Taiwanese.

Image: Fort Zeelandia Dragons by Benjamin Arnold. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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