Wind&Bones CIC are now Scottish

Today, we’ve been celebrating the fact that Wind&Bones is now a thoroughly Scottish social enterprise. As we are here in Dundee for the long term, we decided to move our business from England to Scotland. This is easier said than done, as companies cannot be straightforwardly moved over the border. But with the help of the brilliant people at Senscot Legal, we’ve managed to work round the problem.

We’ve changed the name of our old CIC to Wind&Bones (England), and we’ve set up a new CIC called simply Wind&Bones, registered in Scotland. We’ll be winding up the old CIC soon, and continuing to trade as Wind&Bones long into the future. We’ve just updated this website with our new details.

Having Wind&Bones officially based here in Scotland is good for all kinds of practical reasons. But it also matters to us because it makes us feel more deeply connected to the place we have decided to make our home.

Image: Historical map of Dundee. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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