A New Philosophy Salon in Tainan

Last month, we kicked off our latest project, a philosophy salon in collaboration with the wonderful people at the Wansha Performing Arts Centre / 涴莎藝術展演中心 here in Tainan. The salon is a chance for members of the public to come together and talk about the relationship between philosophy and the paradoxes and puzzles of everyday life.

We are incredibly excited by this project, in particular because it is our first Chinese-language-only project. Wind&Bones’s Will Buckingham is a long-term student of Mandarin Chinese (and currently working on his Taiwanese Hokkien), but this is his first series of Chinese-only public events.

The salon is free to attend, and runs on the third Saturday of every month.

Image: The Eighteen Scholars 十八學士圖 by an anonymous Ming-dynasty artist. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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