Looking for Wisdom - A New Collaboration for Wind&Bones

We’re delighted that Looking for Wisdom, the philosophy-by-email project run by Dr Will Buckingham, is now a part of Wind&Bones. At Wind&Bones, we believe that creative writing and creative thinking have the power to change the world. So this new collaboration is a great fit for what we do.

Looking for Wisdom brings the world’s philosophy to your inbox with free weekly Philosopher Files. The project was launched formally on January 1st this year. Since then, it has grown quickly, with now over sixty articles covering the world’s philosophy — from ancient China to Classical Greece, from the riches of the Islamic philosophical tradition to the fascinating world of Mesoamerican thought. It aims to make the world’s philosophical traditions accessible, while broadening out our ideas of what philosophy is, and what it could be.

Looking for Wisdom also has a members-only community for those who want to take their study of philosophy deeper. And later this summer, there will be workshops and seminars added in to the mix.

We’re super-excited by this new collaboration. Philosophy is, in part, about the stories we weave about the world. And exploring the richness of these traditions of philosophy can help us tell new stories, and find more creative responses to the challenges we all face.

If you want to sign up for Looking for Wisdom, CLICK THIS LINK.

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