'Hello, Stranger' hits the shops this July

We’re delighted that our very own Will Buckingham’s Hello, Stranger: How We Find Connection in a Disconnected World is coming out from Granta this July 1st.

Will’s book brings together insights from philosophy, anthropology, history, and literature to explore how our traditions of meeting with strangers can mitigate the issues of our time. Taking in stories of loneliness, exile, and friendship from classical times to the modern day, and alighting in adapting communities from Birmingham to Myanmar, Hello, Stranger asks: how do we set aside our instinctive xenophobia – fear of outsiders – and embrace our equally natural philoxenia – love of strangers and newness?

Hello, Stranger

You can pre-order the book from Granta (see the link below). And Will is going to be doing quite a few launch events, radio interviews and lots more. You can find out more over on his website (click here).


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