Food Done Right, in Waterford, Ireland

The Waterford Harvest Festival kicks off this September in Waterford, Ireland. Run by the brilliant social enterprise GIY, the festival is a three-day celebration of “food done right”, an exploration of food, heritage, and sustainability.

At Wind&Bones, we’re immensely excited to have been invited to be writers in residence at the festival. So on the 10th and 11th of September, we’ll be over in Ireland, setting up a story farm. We’ll be inviting members of the public to plant the seeds of new stories, and to watch them grow in new and surprising directions.

While in Waterford, we’ll also be working with GIY’s Bioregional Weaving Lab on developing a manifesto for reimagining the relationships between community and land, reconnecting people, projects, and places.

We’ll post more from the festival! But for now, we’re busy packing our bags and making some last-minute plans.

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