Education in Post-Coup Myanmar

We’ve been working on a few new projects recently, including a collaboration with Parami University in Myanmar. We were writers in residence at Parami back in 2018-2019, and after the military coup of February 1st this year, we’ve been deeply preoccupied with the unfolding situation over there. So we’re delighted to be working with Parami University again, running some remote courses via Zoom for students across Myanmar.

We’re running three courses in all. This semester, Hannah and Will are running an eight-week Storytelling for Social Change course. We’re up and running with this, and our students are exceptionally engaged. Later this semester, Will is going to be running another eight-week course, this time on cross-cultural approaches to the philosophy of human nature. And in the New Year, both Hannah and Will are going to be reprising their work for the Myanmar NGO Mote Oo, running an interactive course on ethical leadership.

All these courses are free for students, who are living across Myanmar. Our students are working in incredibly difficult conditions – electricity and internet blackouts, the violence and uncertainty of the ongoing post-coup situation, and incredibly high Covid-19 infection and death rates. But it’s been a delight to work with them. We’ll post more here on the blog if and when we see any of their work from the first course published.

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