Wind&Bones are now based in Dundee!

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been busy moving our headquarters of operations from Sofia in Bulgaria to Dundee in Scotland. We landed here a week ago, and since then, we’ve been busy unpacking boxes and getting settled. It’s great to be up in Scotland. We’ve only been here a few days. But already, Dundee has been hugely welcoming. It has been great to start making connections and getting to know the local writing scene.

Wind&Bones are going to continue working on projects internationally. At the moment, we’re teaching an ethical leadership course for students in Myanmar at the Parami Institute, working on some intensive editing for our project with women survivors of domestic abuse in Bulgaria, and mentoring students from all across the world. But we are also planning to do more locally as well. So we’ll keep you posted.

For the time being, Wind&Bones is still registered in England, as due to a quirk of UK law, you can’t easily move a business from England or Wales to Scotland (or vice versa). We’re working on resolving this small administrative glitch! But Dundee is where you will find us, looking out over the Tay at the distant hills of Fife. It’s an absolute pleasure to be here in Scotland’s sunniest city.

If you are based in Dundee or elsewhere in Scotland, and want to connect or talk about fun, new projects, just send us a message!

Image: © Will Buckingham

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