Our New Mentoring Programme - Wind & Bones

So, this is exciting… Here at Wind&Bones, we’ve just launched our new Mentoring Programme. Whether you need advice on your writing, a creativity boost to get your masterpiece started, or help on that half-completed manuscript, the Wind&Bones Mentoring Programme is designed to help you reach your goals as a writer.

We thought long and hard about what, over the years, has most helped us as writers; and the simple answer to this question was this: face-to-face communication, careful and detailed feedback, and a whole load of encouragement. So our Mentoring Programme is built around this simple model.

We have built a mentoring programme that involves a one-on-one consultation (in person, if conditions allow it, or by Skype/Zoom), and the opportunity to have your work read closely by either Hannah or Will, with full feedback and a follow-up consultation to explore your further goals.

You can find out full details about how our mentoring programme works by clicking below. We’re very excited to be working with you.