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Pleasure, Difficulty, Suffering… and Writing

At Wind&Bones, one myth we’re keen to dispel is the myth of the suffering artist. One of the things we do when working with writers is help them find ways to seek out delight and pleasure in their writing. Because once you have pleasure and delight, you have energy and life, and when you have energy and life, you are already half-way to creating something worthwhile. Of course, writing can be difficult (tell us about …

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Inspirations: Maisie Chan

In the first interview in our Inspirations series, we’re featuring the fabulous Maisie Chan. Read our wide-ranging interview about writing, representation, the ongoing harms of orientalism, and the dedication it takes to be a damn good storyteller. Hello, Maisie. It’s great to talk to you. We’re particularly excited because you are the first writer in our Inspirations series, where we feature writers committed to using their words to make the world a better place. This …

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