Next April, we’re starting a new course as a part of our Parami Institute writing residency. We’ve been enormously inspired by our brilliant students on the Writing, Myth and Tradition course. Many of the writers we have been working with are involved in a range of social activist projects. And so we decided to follow up this course with another six week intensive course called Remaking the World: Creativity, Writing and Activism.

Whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry, writing has the power to remake the world. It can shake us up, change how we see things, transform the way we think and feel, and open up new possibilities for action. In this six-week intensive course, we will be exploring the transformative potential of creative writing.

 Participants will work on developing their ideas to produce their own unique body of work. We will be moving between genres — whether fiction, non-fiction, reportage, memoir or poetry — and honing our skills in drafting and editing to produce writing that makes a real difference. 

The course is suitable everyone from beginners to experienced writers. It will be taught in English and held on Monday evenings, 7-9pm, starting on April 22. Tuition is 200,000 MMK per person.

Call the Parami Institute on 0979 303 0555 | 0977 883 9092 to register. Or email [email protected] 

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