Later this month, we’ll be in Hpa-An in Karen state, training teachers in creative writing teaching. Because our skills in Burmese are poor, and our Karen is non-existent, we’re excited to be sharing our experience of creative writing teaching with local teachers. We hope that this will enable participants to return to their classrooms ready to take their own creative approaches to inspiring new generations of writers, whatever the language.

Along the way, we’ll be looking at some of the bigger questions in creative writing teaching. How do you teach creativity? How can writing allow people to tell their own stories? How can writing be used to bridge the local and the global?

In Hpa-An, we’ll be working with the Education Gathering Group Academy (see the link here) as well as with a number of other local education providers. We’re particularly excited by this project because we’re interested in thinking about creative writing in a context that is both global and multi-lingual, rather than seeing it as a subset of English learning. Breaking with the Anglophone creative writing tradition, in which creative writing is seen as a sub-discipline of English, can only be a good thing.

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