BBC Travel: Wind&Bones's Will Buckingham on how to move 1000 ghosts

The wheels of the publishing world turn slowly. So just as we are settling into life here in Bulgaria, BBC Travel Online have published an eassy from Wind&Bones’s very own Will Buckingham about Myanmar. It is a fascinating tale from the tail-end of Myanmar’s military rule, about the logistics of moving 1000 ghosts from the capital city of Naypyidaw.

This piece was a long time in the making, and like all pieces of writing, there was a lot of collaboration behind the scenes, a lot of talking to friends and contacts and scholars. It was great, as we munched on our Bulgarian breakfast pastries this morning, to see the work finally pay off. And although Bulgarian breakfasts are the best in the world, we feel duty bound to say so are Burmese breakfasts. So reading this, we also felt a little pang of nostalgia for our work in Myanmar, and for the pleasures of Burmese tea, and flat noodle salad, or nan bya thouk.

You can read the article here.

Image Credit: DiverDave on Wikimedia commons

More Publication News

As well as our workshops and other projects, we’ve both been busy lately with writing and publishing. Hannah has had a story just published in the anthology High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories, edited by Karen Stevens (no relation!) and Jonathan Taylor, out now from excellent Valley Press. The collection is already attracting fantastic reviews. Meanwhile, her chapbook The Perseids is forthcoming from TSS Publishing in a few months’ time, and when not writing fiction, she is crafting some personal essays.

Meanwhile, Will has just had his forthcoming book Hello Stranger—a non-fiction book about strangers, migration, cross-cultural encounters, and how to build a more welcoming world—snapped up by Granta in the UK, and has also sold the audio rights. See the announcement in The Bookseller here. In December he started working as an occasional philosophy columnist for Aquila children’s magazine, and has recently been doing some work as content consultant on a new philosophy book from Dorling Kindersley. He’s also busy with a narrative non-fiction piece, due to be published in German early in the year.

There are other things in the incubator too, and we’ll post more about them when they have taken shape.

Image: A woman writing about memories of places visited. c. 1850. Library of Congress.

Writing Projects

As well as workshops and events, we’re both hard at work on a number of writing projects. There are a couple of top secret collaborative projects in the works, and we may post about these some time later on. But for the time being, we’re keeping these under wraps.

More immediately, Hannah has been publishing stories in a large number of literary magazines, including Idle Ink, Fictive Dream and the Bangor Literary Journal. She also has stories in the extremely well-reviewed Unthology 10, and in a forthcoming collection of drinking stories from Valley Press.

Meanwhile, Will’s travel book, Stealing with the Eyes: Imaginings and Incantations in Indonesia is just out from Haus Publishing, and his children’s book, Lucy and the Rocket Dog, which was published by Knopf in 2017, has been picked up in South Korea.