Who we are

Who we are

- Dr Hannah Stevens & Dr Will Buckingham

Dr Hannah Stevens has a PhD in creative writing. She is an internationally published writer of both fiction and non-fiction. She has over a decade of experience working with community groups and grassroots charities, and has worked on projects for organisations including the BBC and Greenpeace.

Dr Will Buckingham has a PhD in philosophy. He is the author of 13 books with publishers including Granta, Hachette and Knopf. He has been involved in writing projects for a wide range of organisations including the NHS and the BBC, and was formerly Associate Professor in Writing & Creativity at De Montfort University.

Work with us!

For groups & organisations

We work with large and small organisations, to explore how writing and storytelling can be used to bring about positive, lasting change. Our work takes us across the world. So wherever you are, we can work with you.

For individuals

We offer mentoring for individuals. Whether you are just starting out in your writing career or have years of experience, we have something for you. Find out more on our mentoring site.



We are writers who care about the way that words transform ourselves, our relationships and the world.


Everyone is creative! Our work unlocks the creativity that we all have.

Social Change

We care about social change, and about how to use the power of writing to make the world a better, more liveable place.

About our work

Storytelling workshops

Stories change the world! We have run storytelling and writing workshops globally, exploring the transformative power of storytelling. We have worked with small grassroots organisations and multi-national NGOs, helping participants power-up their storytelling skills through our highly interactive workshops.

Writer development

We love working with writers to develop their unique vision. We work one-on-one and in small groups to help people make their voices heard. We offer mentoring for individual writers. We also partner with a wide variety of organisations including universities, community groups and charities, to develop bespoke writing courses.

Educational consultancy

We believe education is both a social good and a fundamental right, and we are passionate about lifelong learning. We have years of experience in informal and formal education sectors, including running community education projects, curriculum design, and postgraduate teaching to PhD level.

Writing & publishing

As Wind&Bones, we publish occasional books and articles that we believe make a positive change. Our most recent book publication is Will Buckingham’s Finding Our Sea-Legs: Ethics, Experience and the Ocean of Stories (2019).

"So cultivate the strength of the wind, and make the bone robust."

Project partners

The Goethe Institut
British Embassy, Sofia
Mote Oo Education
The Parami Institute

What people are saying

What people are saying about our work:

Testimonial author

Professor Carla Nappi

Andrew W. Mellon Chair, Department of History, Pittsburgh University.

Huge thanks to the Wind&Bones team for helping me through a stuck patch in a fiction writing project. Will Buckingham and Hannah Stevens are fabulous writing mentors (and just generally awesome and brilliant humans), doing really cool things. Check out their work, y’all.

Testimonial author

Dr. Angela Stienne

Egyptologist. Creator of Mummy Stories & The Lyme Museum

I’m delighted to have signed up on the Wind&Bones creative writing mentoring programme. It is absolutely lovely. I especially love how well-paced it is, especially in these circumstances. I cannot recommend Will Buckingham & Hannah Stevens enough.

Testimonial author

Katie Julian

Curriculum Manager at Mote Oo Education, Myanmar

I cannot recommend Wind&Bones more highly. Aside from their proficiency in bending words to their will and whim, they are also delightful people to work with: warm, witty, caring, with dollops of high-level professionalism. You will not regret time spent working with Hannah and Will.

Testimonial author

Konstantinos Achile

Youth Development Lead at Refugee Trauma Initiative

We worked together (Refugee Trauma Initiative) in a creative writing workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece with young displaced people. They were amazing, extremely professional and most importantly they knew what they were doing. I highly recommend them!

Testimonial author

Amjad Mestari

Founder, Garage Cultural Centre, Jordan

Hannah and Will created an atmosphere which made me—and I think everyone—feel safe and accepted. In the class, I felt appreciated and valued, and overall it was one of the most positive workshops I have ever attended. Also, Hannah and Will are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met – always giving a positive energy

Testimonial author

Grace Susetyo

Writer and journalist, Indonesia

The Wind&Bones mini-course I joined was both a thought-provoking lesson and an inviting space to collaborate with fellow participants. Wind& Bones show writers how to write more ethically, and find that sweet spot between addressing hard issues and telling inspiring stories about humanity.


Read about what we’re up to on the Wind&Bones blog!

Food Done Right, in Waterford, Ireland
15 Aug, 2022 Hannah & Will

Food Done Right, in Waterford, Ireland

At the National Gallery, Sofia
22 Jun, 2022 Will & Hannah

At the National Gallery, Sofia

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