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Wind&Bones was born in 2018, when Dr Hannah Stevens and Dr Will Buckingham, ran a writing project for refugee writers in the UK. During the workshop, participants shared tales of their homes and journeys, and Hannah and Will knew they had to harness the potential of writing to bring about change and build community. So they set up Wind&Bones CIC to explore the meeting-places between writing, creativity and social change.

Wind&Bones has since worked in Indonesia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Greece and Bulgaria as well as in the UK. The Chinese writer Liu Xie wrote that good writing requires both liveliness (wind) and rigour (bone). For Hannah and Will, this combination of liveliness and rigour lies at the heart of all positive change.

Dr Hannah Stevens has a PhD in creative writing. She has published fiction and non-fiction internationally, and has over a decade of experience working with community groups and grassroots charities.

Dr Will Buckingham has a PhD in philosophy. He is the author of twelve books, and has worked on writing projects for publishers and organisations including the BBC, Knopf, Granta, DK, the NHS, and Aeon magazine.

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