Wind&Bones is a social enterprise working at the intersection of writing, creativity and social change. Directed by Dr. Hannah Stevens and Dr. Will Buckingham, we work with individuals and organisations to improve the world through the power of writing.

Why Wind&Bones?

We take our name from Liu Xie, the sixth century Chinese writer. For Liu, good writing requires a combination of liveliness (wind) and rigour (bone).

So cultivate the strength of the wind, and make the bone robust

 Liu Xie

What we do

Since 2018, we’ve run projects in the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Myanmar and Indonesia. Currently we’re based in Bulgaria where we’re running writing classes, working on projects with local activist organisations and community groups, and running a weekly cafĂ© for writers and activists in collaboration with Greenpeace.


Storytelling workshops, training in writing with power, creativity boosters, we do it all. We’ve worked with community groups, voluntary sector organisations, creative practitioners and academic institutions to upgrade their skills.


We work as consultants with a wide range of partners: from major international publishers, to think-tanks, to grassroots educational organisations.


We are experienced writers, editors and content providers. We offer writing and editorial services for creative and professional projects.

Who we are

Dr. Hannah Stevens

Hannah has a PhD in creative writing, and has published fiction and nonfiction globally. Her book-length collection In their Absence is due to be published by Roman Books in 2021.

Hannah has been writer in residence at the Parami Institute, Yangon and is currently a lecturer in creative writing at Staffordshire University. She has a decade’s experience in the voluntary and charity sectors where she was a trustee for a sexual health charity, and a strong interest in projects relating to gender, equality and LGBTQ+ issues.

Dr. Will Buckingham

Will has a PhD in philosophy from Staffordshire University, and a MA in social anthropology. He has been Reader in Writing and Creativity at De Montfort University, visiting professor at the Parami Institute, Yangon, and visiting scholar at Sichuan University. He has two decades of experience working on community-based writing projects.

Will is the author of twelve books, and contributor to many more. His next book, Hello, Stranger: How to Welcome the World will be published by Granta in July 2021.